Tips to Becoming a Minimalist

Blog | March 12, 2018

Do you live a minimalist life? It’s defined as being incredibly intentional about what people and possessions you decide to keep in your life. Here are a few practical tips to living with simplicity.

CLEAR YOUR EMOTIONAL CLUTTER: Before you can work on removing the physical clutter from your life, it’s a good idea to turn inward and consider the emotional clutter that may be piling up. Do you always feel spiritually heavy? Do you have recurring toxic practices? Do you quickly get overwhelmed? If so, try giving yourself some quiet time to address how you’ll heal.

LET GO OF THE IDEA OF BUSYNESS: Being “busy” is a concept most people can’t let go of. The idea of always having something to do makes many of us feel useful. However, having a jam-packed schedule for the sake of feeling productive is anything but. Take a close look at your day-to-day activities and determine the things you can remove in favor of more meaningful interactions with loved ones, or simply yourself.

GET RID OF WHAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD: Those clothes you haven’t worn in six months can probably be donated. The pile of mail you cringe at every time you come through the door could be sorted. Getting rid of what doesn’t make you happy is essentially about removing things that cause anxiety or stress. Minimalism is also about minimizing the amount of things you put off so you can let your mind rest.

REARRANGE FOR AESTHETICS: Are your aesthetics pleasing and soothing? By having less and ridding of what you don’t need, you create a space that’s efficient and clean. Studies show that we feel happier in living spaces that are organized and neat, because they make us feel safe amidst the chaos of the world.

Photo: @westhaddonhall