Tech Hurts: 3 Tips for Healing

Blog | May 09, 2018

Let’s face it, the amount of time we spend on our computers and phones can be detrimental to our physical health. Doctors are coining phrases like “Texting Tendonitis” and “Phone Thumb” to describe the aches in our hands and joints from our modern means of communicating. Multiple studies are showing that our posture while hunched over our laptops all day is causing all kinds of neck, back and shoulder woes. Our bodies are simply overworked and strained from our tech way of life.


Since our way of life is here to stay, it’s essential that we try to limit the consequences however we can. Here are a few self-care tips for preventing and healing the common aches and pains from our tech-obsessed lifestyle.


  • POSTURE: Whether sitting at a desk or looking down at our phones, try to take note of your posture. Is your head leaning forward, putting a strain on your neck and spine, or can you imagine straightening back out into alignment? Are your shoulders scrunched tight or can you relax them back into place? Is your back hunched over or can you sit up straight? Try to make a habit of checking in with your alignment, even if it means setting an hourly reminder to be mindful.
  • USE: Yes, we all need our technology for the majority of our day. Try to assess how much mindless time you are simply scrolling or checking email out of habit. Perhaps designating certain times of the day for phone time, and then leaving it in another room for periods of time so you wont be tempted to mindlessly reach for it. These minutes and hours add up over time and can give your body a break.
  • TREAT: Some of the core ingredients in Hempathy Therapy Cream like CBD Hemp Extract, Aloe and Calendula Flower specifically work to ease muscle and joint pain, which is exactly what we need after a day of leaning over our computers or texting all day. We rub a little on our thumbs and wrists to help the aching and we massage a little on our neck and shoulders, right where our muscles are tense. It’s been a lifesaver and instant relief for alleviating the inflammation that causes these everyday pains.


We all know we can’t give up our modern conveniences, and technology is certainly the present and future, but with mindfulness of our habits, we can prevent and heal our bodies from pain. Consider adding Hempathy Therapy Cream to your self-care routine, because the reality is that #TechHurts, even if we love it!