Hempathy x SunTribe Wellness Contest

Hempathy is partnering with SunTribe Wellness for the ultimate Summer of Self Love Giveaway!

Hempathy Therapy Cream is a therapeutic and moisturizing cream that helps alleviate tension and inflammation. SunTribe Wellness' Yoni Eggs are high vibrational healing crystals that allow the body to transform and energetically assist in connecting deeper with your body and womb space. 

We believe in self love which includes products and services that promote consciousness, healing and awareness. 

One lucky winner and a friend will each win a jar of Hempathy Therapy Cream and an eco-friendly, sustainable and GIA certified SunTribe Wellness Yoni Egg! 



  • Tag a friend on Hempathy's Instagram Contest Post 

  • Both you & your friend follow Hempathy and SunTribe Wellness on Instagram 

  • Email info@hempathyhealing.com to submit your full name, Instagram handles (you & your tagged friend), & tell us how you plan to up your self love game this summer!


Sit back, relax and countdown to a summer of relaxation and healing.


About Hempathy:

Hempathy is a brand and movement with the intention to help the world heal, holistically. The word "hempathy" was born out of the combination of hemp and empathy. Hemp has been used as an ancient remedy with various healing properties. To possess empathy is the ability to be emotionally in tune with the needs of others. When the positive benefits of using hemp aligns with the awareness of helping those in need, our brand mission became clear. Hempathy aims to create beneficial products that you feel great using and recommending to those that you love. Healing begins with self-care and conscious living. Let's return to a positive, happy place of well-being where your mind, body and soul are at peace.

About SunTribe Wellness:

SunTribe is about the uprising and healing of the feminine. Incorporating a Yoni Egg into your practice can enhance relaxation, flow of sensual and creative energy, and release stagnant emotional blockages that are trapped in the body, helping you feel more vibrant and embodied in your feminine energy! It is a wonderful tool with ancient roots to help you connect to your body and spirit in a more intimate, holistic way.


Product usage disclaimer: 

Please note that while both Hempathy Therapy Cream and SunTribe Wellness Yoni Eggs are complementary to each other, they are not intended to be used together. Hempathy is a topical skin care and should not be ingested or inserted into the body. For additional information on SunTribe Wellness product usage please visit SunTribeWellness.com.


Opt In disclaimer:

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