Nighttime Ritual: 3 Tips for a Better Bedtime

Blog | May 17, 2018

It’s bedtime. You start to wind down your day. You put your comfy PJs on and get cozy in bed… yet your mind just can’t shut off. You start thinking of all the things you have to do tomorrow, that email you forgot to send, that errand you forgot to run…


Sound familiar? While insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects millions of people worldwide, sometimes bad habits can also prevent us from getting the rest we need. This not only throws off our physical health, but our mental state too, leading to general fogginess, mood swings and anxiety.


So what can we do to ease into a better night of sleep? Here are three tips to get your body and mind ready for rest:


  • DÉCOR: Is your bedroom calm and relaxing, or is it adding to the stress of the day? Keeping your space orderly and clutter-free can do wonders for your mind-space, and choosing soothing colors like soft blues and neutrals create a feeling of zen. These subtle details will help keep the mood chill and make your room feel like a sanctuary for rest.
  • TECH: We know, it’s so tempting to keep your phone right next to your bed. But that mindless scrolling is stimulation overload at a time when your brain needs a break. Consider charging up in another room, and take a few moments instead to breathe deep and think of a few things you are grateful for or proud of from that day. A little positive thinking can send you to sleep with a smile.
  • RITUAL: We love a little self-care to ease into the night. Since the CBD Hemp Extract in Hempathy Therapy Cream helps to ease anxiety and relax muscles, we like to rub a little on our chest before bedtime. Bonus: the Grapefruit Essential Oil helps prevent aging and the Shea Butter moisturizes that delicate skin.


Whatever your evening brings, those precious moments before bed can make all the difference in heading to sleep with ease and without stress. Make them count with good habits and enjoy sweet dreams and a better morning. #HempathyHealing