Let Our Wellness Expert Enhance Your Diet & Regimen for 2018

Blog | January 04, 2018

Allow us to introduce you to Heather Hoffman, our Hempathy wellness expert. She’s a yoga teacher, holistic health advocate and user of all things hemp. We sat down with Heather to get some tips to help you get a jumpstart on your regimen for 2018. Take a look.

How did you become a health advocate for CBD hemp extract, making way for the creation of Hempathy Therapy cream?

HH: CBD hemp extract and cannabis changed my life. Before I used plant medicine, I was having seizures, body aches and pains, and experienced significant imbalance in my life. Unfortunately, due to misinformation and the miseducation about pharmaceuticals and man-made chemical medicines, I was putting chemicals in my body that were only suppressing some of the symptoms rather than healing the issues. I am now pharmaceutical-free, and I use CBD to treat my epilepsy. I no longer have seizures, menstrual cycle cramps, muscle soreness or any of the severe physical ailments I previously had. After healing myself, I wanted to help provide people with a natural, healing cream to help enhance their lives as well.

How did you become a wellness expert?

HH: I am obsessed with natural healing and getting to the root of an issue. I don’t resonate much with western medicine, so every ailment or misalignment I’ve ever had, I have done personal research and found a cure. When my friends and family started to notice this overall shift in my health and vibration, they began to ask for help to heal their issues as well. It has taken extensive research and experiments to get to where I am now, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

How do you use Hempathy Therapy Cream on your body? How does it moisturize your skin?

HH: I use Hempathy Therapy Cream for menstrual cycle cramps, muscle soreness after a workout, lubrication for my joints before and after a yoga session, and before bed to put my body to rest after an active day. I love how deeply it penetrates my skin, providing moisture and potent medicine for my skin.

What are your tips for inviting peace and tranquility into your week?

HH: Life is ever changing, so I have a flexible routine of self care I incorporate daily. It’s flexible in the sense that I can do it anywhere, anytime. It usually includes a quick or extensive yoga practice, breath work and meditation, along with plant-based superfoods via green juice, smoothies or meals. I also always incorporate Hempathy Therapy Cream, which is super convenient since it travels so well.

How do you incorporate hemp into your diet? What are the effects?

HH: I like to juice the water and fan leaves of cannabis when incorporating it into my diet. It’s a sufficient and potent way to intake CBD and other cannabinoids without the psychoactive effect.

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