How to Cultivate Sensuality

Blog | February 12, 2018

Sensuality is a concept most tend to relate directly to sexuality, but it’s much more than that. At its core, sensuality is about being aware of the sensory details that delight you. Whereas sexuality almost always includes a partner, sensuality is mainly about you. Here are four easy ways to cultivate sensuality in your life.


Sensuality involves personal touch. Try shedding your clothes and looking deeply at your body in the mirror. Take time to reconnect with yourself and admire the beauty of every imperfection. Try a sensual morning ritual of slowly rubbing Hempathy on your upper chest and neck. Really focus on the moment, your breath and your feelings.


There’s a lot of truth to this saying. We should take full advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy. Surround yourself with uplifting scents that allow you to sink deeper into a state of relaxation and meditation. Try jasmine, vanilla, cinnamon, lemongrass, sandalwood and rose.


What kind of views makes you feel lovely? Carefully choose the aesthetics of your intimate spaces and make sure they give you good vibrations. Include candles, soft lighting, brilliant colors, soulful art and whatever else helps you feel soft.


Have a sensual eating experience by choosing healthy, whole foods. Strawberries, dark chocolate, papaya, mangoes and pineapple all act as aphrodisiacs, which will boost your mood and your libido.

How do you welcome sensuality into your life?

Photo: @_goldenlotus_