How to Add Tangible Magic to Your Life

Blog | March 04, 2018

Is magic sprinkled throughout your life? We define magic as an optimistic state of mind where possibilities are endless. Our wellness expert, Heather Hoffman, gave us a few tips to adding tangible magic to your life.


“Write positive affirmations in your journal every morning. What are you looking to manifest and attract to your life? In the present tense, write what you desire to create in your life. Read them aloud to yourself.”


“Say magical things to yourself in the mirror. There’s power in hearing your dreams and desire aloud, so speak them while looking at yourself in the mirror. Retrain your perception of yourself and empower your inner and outer beauty by believing it.”


“Use medicinal herbs and plants as remedies for healing. Making your own elixir drinks, teas, and tinctures is a powerful, magical way to learn what your body responds to. Start a collection of herbs and extracts, including CBD, to see what plant life offers.”

Here are a few ways you can add magic to your space and life:

- Use candles as your source of primary lighting in the evening. It completely transforms the look of your space.

- Take a quick day trip to a majestic place in your city. Find a botanical garden or a gallery you haven’t visited.

- Add in a ton of plants and flowers. Plant life not only purifies the air, it also adds a bohemian, tropical feel that positively changes your space.

We hope you add some magic to your day. 

Photo credit: Julien Folcher