How CBD Healed My Body

Blog | January 24, 2018

“Heather! Heather! Are you alive?!”

“Say something!”

“Someone call an ambulance!”

Slowly opening my eyes, I responded, “Yes, I’m fine. No need for an ambulance, it’s just another seizure.” Unfortunately, this was an event that occurred many times for me. Since I was about 11 years old, my epilepsy would cause me to suddenly fall to the floor with my eyes rolled in the back of my head, and I would be convulsing uncontrollably. Growing up, it was pretty annoying, inconvenient and embarrassing having to worry about where and when I would have my next seizure.

I took medication prescribed by doctors that were ineffective and still didn’t stop my seizures. The meds had terrible side effects like loss of appetite, lack of desire and an inability to tap into my emotional responses. It basically made me a skinny zombie, and, worst of all, I STILL had seizures! I started doing my own research online and came across many stories where people used cannabis to treat their ailments. At the time, I was only 18, I’d just graduated, and I’d spent all four years of high school passively preaching sobriety and the unnecessary use of stimulants, drugs and psychedelic medicines. I felt like it inhibited our natural ability to have fun.

But I was desperate and wanted to cut this inconvenient cycle I’d been enduring, so I decided to meet with Miss Mary Jane. My intuition told me it was important to try cannabis alone, without conflicting energies, so I completely stopped taking my prescribed pills a few days prior. I took a tincture of 20mg of CBD and smoked a joint with my friend. Since that day, I have not had one more seizure.

My entire life changed because of THC and CBD. After simply utilizing a natural herb that grows from the ground, I now had the same ability and freedom as everyone else. I could be around flashing lights, keep my license, and no longer had to let people know before hanging out with them that I could possibly have a seizure. I felt free.

Using cannabis to manage my epilepsy gave me the deep desire to share my story of the healing capability of this incredible, natural plant. I wanted others to get the holistic treatment they needed. I started an organic superfood edible company that recently became the largest healthy edible supplier of California, along with sharing my story on event panels and conferences. Most recently, I partnered with PRØHBTD to create Hempathy Therapy Cream! I am truly so grateful to be able to provide the healing that changed my life to other souls in need.

I recently got my brain scanned, and my brain wave patterns appeared completely healthy and showed absolutely no sign of seizure activity. It was almost as if I’d never had a single seizure. I have completely healed my brain and body with CBD and THC.

The remedy that works best for me is 40-80mg of pure CBD, and I would smoke a joint of THC daily. One can also intake THC and CBD other ways like edibles, teas or vaping, if you don’t want to smoke it. Every person’s ailments call for a different remedy, so if you are looking to start treating yourself with cannabis, listen to your body and experiment in small increments.

“May we continue to acknowledge, utilize and honor our Mother Earth and the natural medicines she provides. And so it is.”

~ Heather

This post was written by our wellness expert, Heather Hoffman (@activationvibration).