Managing Stress During the Holidays

Blog | December 20, 2017

For some, the holiday season is the most chaotic period of the year. With demands from family, and a new year looming over our heads, self-care can often feel impossible to make a priority. Here are several ways to keep stress at bay.

1. DO A 3 - 5 MINUTE YOGA POSE: Seated postures often calm the body and put the mind in a meditative state. Take five minutes out of the day to do child’s pose, which also helps stretch the limbs. Keep your eyes closed and monitor your breath.

2. MASSAGE PULSE POINTS ON YOUR FEET WITH HEMPATHY: Your feet are highly absorbent, so, for maximum absorption, massage your Hempathy Therapy Cream along the bottom of your feet at the solar plexus/diaphragm area. This is a foot reflexology technique that connects areas on the bottom of the feet with specific organ functionality. This particular area is situated at the direct middle of the bottom of your foot. Massage the cream horizontally across this area to reduce stress and relax your breathing.

3. DRINK A CALMING TEA: Though the go-to relaxing tea is chamomile, lemon balm actually promotes better sleep, relieves anxiety and reduces agitation, which is key for this season.

4. STAY AWARE OF YOUR NEEDS: Yes, this is the season of giving, but it’s also a great time to assess your mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Make a list of your positive and negative feelings, and seek ways to remedy in the new year.

5. TAKE ADAPTOGENIC HERBS: This category of herbs helps the body function better during times of stress. Adaptogenic herbs improve mental clarity, brighten your mood and energize a sluggish spirit. A few of these herbs include: ginseng, holy basil, milk thistle, ashwagandha, rhodiola and rosemary. Try using supplements, or finding one of these herbs in a tea or powder form.

Are you using Hempathy to help de-stress during the holiday season?

Photo credit: @apothecaflowers