Hemp Love Healing

Treat Your Feet with Hempathy

Our feet really take a beating in the summertime. As cute as those toes look with your fresh pedicure, walking in uncomfortable strappy sandals or playing barefoot in the grass can make your feet crave a little loving. Here are a few ideas for how to give them a little Hempathy care. 

Why Antioxidants Are Good for Skin

CBD Hemp Extract is known to be one of the most versatile, antioxidant-rich extracts in the world. So why should you care? Let’s talk about what antioxidants do and why they are crucial for your skincare.

A Hempathy Summer

Summer has arrived… and with it comes sun, fun and more time outdoors. With all of the things we love about the season, there are sometimes a few unwelcome consequences. Whether it’s an accidental sunburn, throbbing feet from those new strappy sandals, or sore muscles from that outdoor workout, the pleasures of the season have their fair share of pain as well. Here’s where we can help! Read on for some tips for how to have a Hempathy Summer:

Hempathy's Tips to Reduce Inflammation


Inflammation: we’ve all heard the word thrown around in wellness circles, but what does it mean? Inflammation is a defense mechanism in your body. If your immune system recognizes damage, it begins a natural healing process.

For us, this can mean sore muscles after a workout, or an ongoing pain from a problem area within our body. It can show up as anything from pain and swelling, to fatigue and joint pain.

The good news is...



Nighttime Ritual: 3 Tips for a Better Bedtime

It’s bedtime. You start to wind down your day. You put your comfy PJs on and get cozy in bed… yet your mind just can’t shut off. You start thinking of all the things you have to do tomorrow, that email you forgot to send, that errand you forgot to run…


Sound familiar? While insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects millions of people worldwide, sometimes bad habits can also prevent us from getting the rest we need. This not only throws off our physical health, but our mental state too, leading to general fogginess, mood swings and anxiety.


So what can we do to ease into a better night of sleep? Here are three tips to get your body and mind ready for rest: