A 10-Minute Self-Care Regimen

Self-care is self-love, and we know that between responsibilities and busy schedules, taking a few moments for YOU can seem impossible. Here’s a 10-minute self-care regimen anyone can manage.

How to Cultivate Sensuality

Sensuality is a concept most tend to relate directly to sexuality, but it’s much more than that. At its core, sensuality is about being aware of the sensory details that delight you. Whereas sexuality almost always includes a partner, sensuality is mainly about you. Here are four easy ways to cultivate sensuality in your life.


Sensuality involves personal touch. Try shedding your clothes and looking deeply at your body in the mirror. Take time to reconnect with yourself and admire the beauty of every imperfection. Try a sensual morning ritual of slowly rubbing Hempathy on your upper chest and neck. Really focus on the moment, your breath and your feelings.

How To Boost Your Inner Beauty

Inner beauty is a wonderful attribute to possess. It’s defined as the many non-physical attributes that make a person lovely. Do you know the ways to cultivate it?

EXUDE JOY: Nothing makes a person feel and look more beautiful than exuding pure joy. Joy is infectious and welcoming. It energizes people and allows others to see your true spirit. Practice being more joyful throughout the day by purposely seeking imagery, affirmations or spirits that make you happy.

How CBD Healed My Body

Since I was about 11 years old, my epilepsy would cause me to suddenly fall to the floor with my eyes rolled in the back of my head, and I would be convulsing uncontrollably. Growing up, it was pretty annoying, inconvenient and embarrassing having to worry about where and when I would have my next seizure.

5 Tips to Using Hempathy For Pain

We believe in healing pain holistically, so take a look at five ways to use Hempathy Therapy Cream for tension, stiffness and cramps.

1. TENSION RELIEF: Muscle tension happens when the muscles remain semi-contracted for a long period of time. One of the best ingredients for tension is aloe, a central ingredient in Hempathy. Try rubbing the cream on your tender spots and sitting still for 10 - 15 minutes.

6 Practical Tips to Staying Positive

Positive thinking actually increases your likelihood of success. We understand that staying joyful requires a little extra effort, so we’ve pulled together a list of practical tips to keeping your mental energy in check.

ADOPT A MANTRA FOR MEDITATION: A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that’s repeated during prayer or meditation. Think: “I am healthy and whole.” Mantras can change depending on your needs for the day or week. We suggest thinking about what you want to focus on during your quiet time. Adding in a daily or weekly mantra helps you actively change your mood or circumstance, with the power of your words. Here’s one we love: “I release control and invite love, awareness and adventure into my lif

Let Our Wellness Expert Enhance Your Diet & Regimen for 2018

Allow us to introduce you to Heather Hoffman, our Hempathy wellness expert. She’s a yoga teacher, holistic health advocate and user of all things hemp. We sat down with Heather to get some tips to help you get a jumpstart on your regimen for 2018. Take a look.

How did you become a health advocate for CBD hemp extract, making way for the creation of Hempathy Therapy cream?

HH: CBD hemp extract and cannabis changed my life. Before I used plant medicine, I was having seizures, body aches and pains, and experienced significant imbalance in my life. Unfortunately, due to misinformation and the miseducation about pharmaceuticals and man-made chemical medicines, I was putting chemicals in my body that were only suppressing some of the symptoms rather than healing the issues. I am now pharmaceutical-free, and I use CBD to treat my epilepsy.

Managing Stress During the Holidays

For some, the holiday season is the most chaotic period of the year. With demands from family, and a new year looming over our heads, self-care can often feel impossible to make a priority. Here are several ways to keep stress at bay.

Choose Hemp For Body Care

The hemp plant is a wondrous thing. It truly benefits the mind, body and soul. Here’s why you should include it in your body care regimen.