Tech Hurts: 3 Tips for Healing

Let’s face it, the amount of time we spend on our computers and phones can be detrimental to our physical health. Doctors are coining phrases like “Texting Tendonitis” and “Phone Thumb” to describe the aches in our hands and joints from our modern means of communicating. Multiple studies are showing that our posture while hunched over our laptops all day is causing all kinds of neck, back and shoulder woes. Our bodies are simply overworked and strained from our tech way of life.

Since our way of life is here to stay, it’s essential that we try to limit the consequences however we can. Here are a few self-care tips for preventing and healing the common aches and pains from our tech-obsessed lifestyle

3 Travel Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

Do you travel a lot? Here are three travel essentials you may not have thought to pack.

TAKE VITAMIN C WITH YOU: Vitamin C helps relieve sunburns and heat rash almost immediately by helping the skin purge its trapped sweat. Make sure you keep enough in your suitcase to be able to pop 1000mg for 2-3 days.

4 Exercises to Help You Heal Emotionally

Do you need help healing from a particular issue? Here are several emotional healing exercises to help you begin your journey to wholeness.

ACCEPTANCE CHANT: This one seems obvious, but a lack of acceptance about a pressing issue will always stunt healing. Acceptance usually feels very final, which is why we like to prolong this stage. Try chanting aloud “I accept ________” followed by the thing you need to be healed from

3 Ways to Use Hempathy While Exercising

Did you know you could use Hempathy before your workout to improve your performance? Here are three helpful tips.

YOGA: Before a hot yoga session, we’d suggest applying Hempathy on your hips, calves, core and forearms. Our healing formula helps you move deeper into tough positions. CBD hemp extract also helps you focus on your breathing.

5 Flower Extracts For Better Health

Flower extracts are powerful when used on the skin but even more beneficial to your spirit. Take a look at how you can use these five floral wonders to enhance your mood and health.

CALENDULA: We talk a lot about this flower for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, but it’s also good for encouraging yourself to open up. Calendula, from the marigold family. works well for protection and cultivating receptivity and empathy. You can infuse your skin with calendula by using Hempathy Therapy Cream.

The Link Between Cannabinoids & Your Diet

There's an interesting connection between cannabinoids and diet. Not only do they help regulate your appetite through your endocannabinoid system, hemp oil and extract is one of the most nutritious oils you can ingest and smooth onto the skin. Here’s why.

A Hempathy Workout Routine For Every Fitness Level

We checked in with our fitness expert, Heather Hoffman, to get some exercise tips that work for every level. Take a look at a few ways you can get moving.


“I like to stretch on a daily basis to open up my body. This leads into dance, and you can dance however you want as long as you keep your body moving. We also often forget to exercise our vocal cords, so I like to sing on a daily basis. It activates the emotional body, throat chakra, and clears any stagnant energy in the system.”

Tips to Becoming a Minimalist

Do you live a minimalist life? It’s defined as being incredibly intentional about what people and possessions you decide to keep in your life. Here are a few practical tips to living with simplicity.

CLEAR YOUR EMOTIONAL CLUTTER: Before you can work on removing the physical clutter from your life, it’s a good idea to turn inward and consider the emotional clutter that may be piling up. Do you always feel spiritually heavy? Do you have recurring toxic practices? Do you quickly get overwhelmed? If so, try giving yourself some quiet time to address how you’ll hea

How to Add Tangible Magic to Your Life

Is magic sprinkled throughout your life? We define magic as an optimistic state of mind where possibilities are endless. Our wellness expert, Heather Hoffman, gave us a few tips to adding tangible magic to your life

Quick Tips to Managing Hyper-Sensitive Skin

Managing sensitive skin can be tricky. Here are four tips maintaining the specific skin type.


Aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter and rose are especially good for sensitive skin, which is usually prone to inflammation and irritation. These nourishing ingredients cool reactive skin and help create a barrier against environmental stresses.