A Hempathy Summer

Blog | June 18, 2018

Summer has arrived… and with it comes sun, fun and more time outdoors. With all of the things we love about the season, there are sometimes a few unwelcome consequences. Whether it’s an accidental sunburn, throbbing feet from those new strappy sandals, or sore muscles from that outdoor workout, the pleasures of the season have their fair share of pain as well. Here’s where we can help! Read on for some tips for how to have a Hempathy Summer:


1)   Post-Sun Treatment: That day on the beach rejuvenated your soul… but also sucked all the moisture from your skin. For the sting of a sunburn, the Aloe and CBD Hemp Extract in Hempathy Therapy Cream can soothe the burn and ease the inflammation of the affected area. If your skin is simply dehydrated from the heat and salt-water, the Shea Butter and Avocado Oil can help deeply moisturize.


2)   Summer Foot Treatment: Those new sandals are the look, but your aching feet are definitely not the vibe. Your poor toes and the balls of your feet are throbbing after a day of walking in your summer shoes. Soak them in some warm water, then massage on some Hempathy Therapy Cream and let the Calendula go to work to reduce inflammation and irritated tissue.


3)   Post-Workout Treatment: A little sunshine definitely makes it easier to get up and start your exercise routine. Why hit the gym when you can run on the beach, hike in the canyon or do some yoga in the grass. A little fresh air can add some motivation to your workout, and that extra push can leave your muscles sore for recovery. Apply Hempathy Therapy Cream where it hurts and the CBD Hemp Extract and other Earth-derived ingredients will act as a natural pain reliever to help your body heal.


So go ahead and get the most out of summer… just keep a jar of Hempathy on hand to keep the aches and pains from ruining your good time! We’re happy to help you heal so you can focus on the fun. #HempathyHealing

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