A Hempathy Happy Hour Mocktail Recipe

Blog | August 17, 2018

Here at Hempathy we have a Friday tradition. Instead of heading out to a bar to blow off steam, we like to create our own Hempathy Happy Hour to wind down from a busy week. There’s no place like home, and relaxed vibes are all we are craving by Friday evening.

For our at-home ritual, first we set the mood with some candles and chill tunes. Then we apply some Hempathy Therapy Cream to anywhere we feel tension or pain from the stress of the week-- sometimes it’s tension in our shoulders, aching in our feet, or pain in our wrists from being on our computers all week.

This week we’re winding down with a refreshing “mocktail” as a healthy alternative to cocktail hour. Here’s a recipe we love for a refreshing Friday evening in:

Grapefruit & Mint Spritzer

Slice Grapefruit and cut off of rind, into slices. Fill the glass about a third with slices
Gently slap mint leaves on your hand to wake up the aromas, then place 3-4 leaves in the glass
Add a dash (1-2 tablespoons) of Simple Syrup if you’d like to sweeten (optional)
Muddle with a muddler or the back of a spoon
Add Ice, then fill the rest of the glass with Club Soda or your favorite Sparkling Water
Top with some extra mint leaves & a slice of Grapefruit for garnish

Now that you’re in full chill mode… kick back, let the Hempathy Therapy Cream go to work and enjoy a healthy beverage. Backyard views optional and encouraged. Happy Friday! #HempathyHappyHour #HempathyHealing