3 Ways to Use Hempathy While Exercising

Blog | April 06, 2018

Did you know you could use Hempathy before your workout to improve your performance? Here are three helpful tips.

YOGA: Before a hot yoga session, we’d suggest applying Hempathy on your hips, calves, core and forearms. Our healing formula helps you move deeper into tough positions. CBD hemp extract also helps you focus on your breathing.

STRENGTH TRAINING: Apply Hempathy to the areas of the body that are put under the most pressure. Think: hamstrings, delts, core, lower back and calves. You can smooth on our cream before and after your session. Calendula, aloe and CBD hemp extract combine to help relieve tension and pain in these areas.

RUNNING/WALKING: If you’re an early riser, use Hempathy on your temples and your chest before going for a run or walk. Our citrus infusion of lemongrass and pink grapefruit energizes your body and helps overcome sleepiness.

How do you use Hempathy when you’re exercising?